Beyond Next

Circle Economy and AMFI bring together next generation and current industry professionals to tackle global challenges through circular innovation over two inspiring days of action.

Beyond Next is all about inspiration and action. It offers you a chance to put your skills & knowledge to work alongside other circularity experts.  You can work on real life circularity challenges that four organisations are facing. Alternatively, find inspiration through our different exhibits and keynote talks where you can learn, exchange and contribute to shifting mindsets. Two tracks to choose from:

Exploration Track: Ride the circularity wave through two days of inspirational speeches, panel discussions and interactive sessions where you can learn, exchange, contribute and be part of the collective power that makes up this movement!

Challenge Track: Event partners AMFI, ABN AMRO, City of Amsterdam and HEMA will lead two-day challenge workshops covering four major themes of education, product as a service, organic waste in a circular city, and single-use plastic respectively. For more details, keep scrolling. 

Our founder Cynthia Reynolds was chosen by ABN AMRO to work on their Beyond Ownership Challenge – Feel free to conenct with her if you are at Beyond Next!


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To increase resource utilization through smart solutions supporting a transition to a Circular Economy. Increased utilization of assets reduces overall consumption and creates positive economic, environmental and social impact. We actively work to change consumption habits  and increase the understanding of the importance of access over ownership.

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