Radical Reuse @ The Dif

The 5th annual Disruptive Innovation Festival curated by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation  is the place where new conversations are sparked together with a global audience on accelerating the transition to the Circular Economy. 

We are proud to announce that Cynthia Reynolds Founder of SmartUse.Global will be co-hosting a session on “Radical Reuse: Impacts, Technology and Opportunities” alongside Gene Homicki of myTurn.com and Babette Porcelijn, author of The Hidden Impact

Technology is disrupting how we consume products leading to radical reuse and lower environmental impacts. Economic analysis suggests smaller loops, such as maintenance and reuse, hold the greatest potential for value creation in a circular economy. Research indicates that product consumption—when accounting for full life cycles—is among the most unsustainable of human activities. Technology allows stakeholders of all types to not only rent and share products, but also to collaborate and connect within (and across) sectors to optimize physical asset utilisation. This radical reuse can increase profits, improve access to products, while simultaneously reducing consumption, waste, and socio-economic pressure.

Join us in the conversation where we will be discussing the hidden impact of “Stuff” –  the things that we fill our houses, garages and offices with. When taking into account the production and transportion of ‘Stuff’, it has the biggest impact on our ecosystem – more than meat, housing or even cars. (source: The Hidden Impact copyright Babette Porceljin) 

Gene Homicki, a technology strategist with a passion for circular and regenerative systems and lead developer of the myTurn,  will dive deeper into the technology that is supporting hundreds of organisations worldwide optimising asset utilisation. 

We look forward to discussing the opportunities available for place-based-innovation connecting the stakeholders including:

  • Innovative business models for new and existing businesses supporting Products-as-a-Service
  • Public/private collaborations – with Products-as-a-Public-Utility
  • Networks and Clusters with B2B & B2C marketplaces
  • and much more

Join us on Nov 20th at 12:00 GMT here

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To increase resource utilization through smart solutions supporting a transition to a Circular Economy. Increased utilization of assets reduces overall consumption and creates positive economic, environmental and social impact. We actively work to change consumption habits  and increase the understanding of the importance of access over ownership.

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