Optimizing resource utilisation with advanced reporting and analytics over one or multiple networks

Regardless of your organisations size
or business model

Whether you a small business owner, a university, big industry or a grassroots organisation, we have a robust digital platform that ensures your resources are being utilised optimally.

Track rented/borrowed items by students, employees or members

Ensure that resources and equipment are ready when they are needed and based on your operating hours

  • Use USB or bluetooth scanning for quick and painless check in/out
  • scanning of both inventory and users IDs

Automated reminders to ensure that assets are returned on time.

Offer products and services based on Membership or subscriptions

  • track, adminster or transfer inventory across a variety of locations
  • both within a specific location, as well as across a network of locations

Easily accept payments via the platform, or remove payment solutions completely based on your organisations needs

Offer your services in growing number of languages

  • supporting secure internal systems for inventory management
  • B2B clusters for sharing of industry specific assets
  • or public marketplaces to reach new customers

Take control of your assets, equipment and other resources at one location, or across multiple locations. Optimize your asset utilization with advanced reports and analytics.

Innovate your organisation with  a ‘Product as a Service’ business model Offer your products as a subscription or rental service where customers pay a fee to access your products or services, rather than purchasing them.

Join the circular economy. where you optimize the use of resources, with options to rent or borrow what you do not own and find new revenue streams by offering what you do have to others

  • Detailed reports with data on who is using what
  • enables organisations to sell/rent under-utilised resources
  • and understand which resources are in high demand.

Seldom used resources can be rented out via an enterprise grade platform built for industry usage

With cross departmental overview organisations avoid unnecessary expenditures 


To increase resource utilization through smart solutions supporting a transition to a Circular Economy. Increased utilization of assets reduces overall consumption and creates positive economic, environmental and social impact. We actively work to change consumption habits  and increase the understanding of the importance of access over ownership.

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